Dear DMTC Members!

Don Mills Tennis Club has survived and flourished for years because of the generosity of member volunteers donating their time and energy to manage this highly successful, wonderful club. We ask you to please consider getting involved, to give other long time volunteers a break, and to take your turn on the 2019 Board so we never have to say, “Let’s make DMTC great again.”

To learn about the various Board positions please refer to the DMTC Constitution. A list of all candidates as well as the incumbent nominees will be regularly updated on our website and posted at the club. All adult members in good standing are eligible to run for any position they choose.

If you are interested please fill out a nominations form and hand it in to the office by September 27th. Or by mail: Debbie Drainie, Chair of the DMTC Nominating Committee P.O.Box 623, Don Mills, Ontario, M3C 2T6.

Nominations should be submitted by September 27th so members have time to consider all the candidates. All candidates for any position must be nominated by two adult members in good standing.

The AGM will be held at the club on Tuesday, October 2, 2018.

If you have any questions please speak to any member of The Nominating Committee or any current Board member for help or advice.

The 2018 DMTC Nominating Committee,

Debbie Drainie, Chair

Wayne Snell

Deisy Sosa