Club Pro Pavel Lupych

Pavel Lupych

A little out of practice?

A little out of shape?

Why not sign up for one of our Adult Clinics to fine tune your ground strokes, get more zip on your serve, improve your volleys, footwork and increase your cardio?

Adult cardio tennis – LiveBall ($10/hr):

NTRP Level 4.0 +  Wednesday  8 – 10 pm
NTRP Level 2.5 – 3.5  Friday  8 – 9:30 pm
(to sign up please text Pavel at 416-880-4690)

Lesson Rates:

Private – $60/hr
Semi-private (2 players) – $35/hr
Group (3 players) – $30/hr
Group (4 players) – $25/hr
Group (5-6 players) – $20/hr

Adult Group Lessons

Beginners (Level 1.0 – 2.5)   Wednesdays @ 7 – 8 pm

An introduction to basic technical and tactical skills, movement, rules and court positioning for singles and doubles play.

Intermediate (Level 3.0 – 3.5)   Mondays @ 8 – 9:30 pm

A review of the fundamentals: technical and tactical skills, movement and court positioning, swing rhythm, differentiating between volleys, ground strokes and different types of serves, adding power to serve and improving return of serve.

Advanced (Level 4.0 – 5.0)   Thursdays @ 8 – 9:30 pm

For competitive and pre-competitive players: aerobic, physical and mental conditioning, shot selection, instructional drills and challenge matches, both singles and doubles.

Registration and Costs:

All groups are formed by our Head Coach – Pavel Lupych
To register please contact him at 416-880-4690 or
Important! All participants must pay their DMTC membership fees prior to enrolling in these programs