Court Booking

  • Scheduled club activities take priority over individual play. Please refer to the monthly schedule posted in the clubhouse and on the club’s events calendar on the website.
  • Two, three, or four players may tag for a court. All players must be present at the clubhouse.
  • If two or three players tag for a court, one or two additional players may tag for it as well to make up a doubles game.
  • Empty courts should be tagged in preference to occupied courts.
  • Consecutive booking is not permitted. Players who lose their court at turnover time may not tag on an adjacent court.
  • The Supervisor has final word on time control; normally the clubhouse clock is used.
  • When the Supervisor is on duty, tag indoors; otherwise use the outdoor chalkboard.

Court Usage

    • Court 1 is the designated teaching court. The coach may ask players to give up the court.
    • Court 2 is the designated singles court. However, players may be required to double up during periods of heavy usage, within ten minutes of the court start time.
    • League and tournament play may occupy at most three courts.

3ball rules 2015 revision1

  • Use of the practice court is limited to 15 minutes, if others are waiting.
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    Members may also use more than 3 balls on courts 3, 4, 5 and 6 for the first 40 minutes of any time slot while the adjoining (to east or west) court is vacant and must pick up immediately if the adjoining court comes into use at any point in the time slot. This 40-minute rule is to help ensure that all balls are picked up by the end of the 45 minute time slot. This privilege is extended to members only, not guests. As always unauthorized coaching is not allowed. On courts 1 and 2 practice serves should be away from the adjoining (to east or west) court if it is in use.


  • Courtesy and adherence to tennis etiquette are expected at all times. Profanity and abusive language are not tolerated.
  • Appropriate tennis attire (including tennis shirts for men) must be worn at all times.
  • Shoes with non-marking soles must be worn.
  • Club property is to be respected.
  • Members should assist in keeping the clubhouse and grounds neat and clean.
  • Food and beverages in open containers are not permitted on the courts.
  • Smoking is prohibited anywhere on club grounds.
  • Pets are not permitted on club grounds.
  • Guests and non-members are required to pay the prescribed guest fee.

Guest / Non-member Policy

  • DMTC members may bring guests during club hours
  • All guests must be accompanied by a club member and the member or guest must pay the guest fee of $10/day
  • Non-members may play during non-prime hours (Monday – Friday 8 am to 4 pm) and pay the non-member fee of $15/day
  • Non-members may play for free on Saturday and Sunday from 4 to 7 pm during public hours
  • Guests and non-members must complete and sign a waiver prior to playing and agree to all DMTC rules, regulations and code of conduct


Last updated 2018-04-30