How do I register to become a DMTC member?
We encourage our members to register online. It’s quick, convenient and secure, as well as saves the Club time and money. Note, you have to register first to create your DMTC ID before you can pay the club membership annual fee.

How can I renew my Membership?
If you already registered in Club database please Login using your Username and Password, check your Member Profile, and then Submit membership application for new season. You don’t need to enter your personal data again.

I forgot my password. What can I do?
For password reset please click here.

Is online payment the only option to pay membership fees?
No, you can still pay by cheque. After registering online, print the Payment Form, attach a cheque, and mail it to the Club. Or after May 1st you can drop it off at the Clubhouse during supervised hours.

How do I pay for my membership online?
Quickly, conveniently and securely using e-Transfer option from your bank online or mobile banking. Add Don Mills Tennis Club as a new contact for e-Transfer or select if already exists: Specify the amount of membership price as the amount you are sending. Specify your DMTC ID in the Message field. You should not be prompted for a security question/answer as Autodeposit is enabled.

How do I update my phone number or address?
Go to your Member Profile and update your contact information.

I have registered but cannot access the Members Area.
If you registered and we have not received your payment your member status is Pending. The Members Area is for paid members only. Note: if you pay your membership fee online your membership status will become active and you can access the Members Area immediately. If you pay by cheque then your membership status will be activated after we receive your cheque.

Is my personal data secure?
Yes, your personal data is stored in the Club membership and mailing list database only and will not be shared with third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.

Is it more expensive to pay online than by cheque?
No, both options are available at no extra cost to our members.

Junior only membership registration
If you don’t have DMTC ID and you want Junior membership only (for example, to pay Junior membership fee for your child going to Summer Camp) please follow steps below:
– apply as an Adult or Senior (parent registration data) and create your DMTC ID;
– go to Member Profile, My Family section and click Add a Family Member button;
– enter registration data for your child and click Submit. On the next page you will have option to Pay Online using your bank account e-Transfer option. If you prefer paying by cheque please print the membership application and send your payment along with junior membership application by mail.

Please Contact Us for any other questions.