The Don Mills Tennis Club Outstanding Service Award is awarded to individuals who have made exceptional, significant and lasting contributions to DMTC

Karl Keilhack

Karl Keilhack

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the 2016 DMTC’s Outstanding Service Award Winner, as chosen by the DMTC executive, is the most dependable and unflappable Karl Keilhack. I always love to joke with Karl just to hear his laugh. His laugh is one of the heartiest in the whole club. It’s so sincere, generous and whole-hearted; which in my mind perfectly describes Karl and his dedication to our club.

Karl has whole-heartedly devoted 12 years of his life working on behalf of DMTC. He was treasurer for two years circa 1985 and grounds director in 2008 and 2009. To give you an example as to the measure of the man, while he was grounds director he decided he would level out some interlocking paving stones near the clubhouse where tree roots were causing the stones to buckle. Single-handedly he lifted all the interlock, dug out and removed some large tree roots, and then carefully leveled and re-laid the paving stones. And he probably did it quietly without complaining because that’s Karl.

He was also the coordinator of Kaffeeklatsch for 8 years from 2008 to 2015. Former DMTC Vice President Martin Jaeger credits Karl’s fine stewardship of the Kaffeeklastch for attracting many new members to our club. He also noted that Karl always paid special attention when pairing players to allow everyone to have the most enjoyable matches possible. Nancy Jean and Alex Nickel praise Karl’s dedication, conscientiousness and dependability running the Kaffeeklastch for so many years. Jack Perkins admired how Karl could resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently while remaining sensitive to all stakeholders. And according to Dick Booth, Karl never shirked his responsibilities working diligently to ensure everyone enjoyed participating in the Kaffeeklatsch to the fullest. He perfected the running of the Kaffeeklatsch down to a science with his efficient protocols, schedules and guidelines and because of that established a framework to ensure everyone will enjoy tennis for years to come.

During his time at DMTC Karl was a great supporter of all DMTC’s programs and activities. He and his wife Magda participated in the house league, socials, round robins, banquets and the AGM. You could always count on Karl’s rock solid support. He was always there.

This past year Karl had a couple of troubling falls on court which greatly interfered with his other activities. This led to a difficult decision to give up tennis. We were saddened to hear the news and we will miss him very but we wish him well in his future travels and in his time spent with Magda and the grandkids. He will always be welcome as a guest at our socials and we hope he comes to visit for the coffee part of Kaffeeklastch.

Debbie Drainie, President

April 30, 2016

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Jasmin Carleton

Jasmin Carleton

It is very fitting that in 2015 the very first DMTC Outstanding Service Award be awarded to Jasmin Carleton. We thank her for her extraordinary service. She served on the Board of Directors for 10 years and worked exceptionally hard in various roles which included:

  • 2004-05 – Publicity Director
  • 2006-07 – Vice President (and membership role)
  • 2008-12 – President
  • 2013-14 – Past President

Jasmin worked diligently to improve club governance and practices:

  • Installed the Club’s Rules and Regulations Board
  • Upgraded and expanded the club tag board system
  • Introduced electronic communication to the club
  • Had Constitution updated in 2008
  • Adopted a new DMTC logo
  • Chaired the Honorary Member’s Committee

She was a strong supporter of interclub team activity as an organizer, player, and club representative:

  • Captained two teams
  • Increased number of teams at the club to 11

She supported and encouraged intra-club and social activities:

  • Strong supporter of club socials, Kaffeeklatsch, Wimbledon breakfast
  • Resurrected the year end Gala in 2008

She developed good working relationships without outside bodies such as The City of Toronto and NYTA and:

  • Arranged to have directional signage to the club installed
  • Had baseball safety nets installed
  • Arranged for weekly garbage collection
  • Arranged for furniture and storage cabinet donations to the club
  • Oversaw court re-surfacing in 2011
  • Worked with the City to acquire funding and the installation of a new court lighting system for the club