Hello Don Mills Tennis Club Members: Club Will Open!

I have happy news! We had an insurance win this weekend, which allows us to operate the club now.

The insurer had to take back their statement of no coverage and honour their existing policy. So, this means we can open – but we still have to repair a sinkhole on the drive and get the courts resurfaced this week as was planned… we have an opening date, likely July 1st. (If the courts get done before that, then we will set the nets up and open as soon as possible so you can play on shiny new courts. That’s a promise!).

I had to have a Board vote first, and follow some procedures, get actual proof of coverage from the insurer etc. before I could announce to the membership.

Online registration will open up by Thursday. We still have much to do in order to have the club safely ready for you to play on. We have to buy disinfectants etc and finalize our online booking tool and the booking rules. More on this later.

We have also voted as a Board to reduce membership fee to $75 for Adults/Seniors, and Junior fee to $40 to reward you for your patience and loyalty.

A reminder: we are still restricted to playing singles only, so for now there will not be any programs offered such as Kaffeeklatsch, House League, or Socials as we still have to enable social distancing.

In case you just recently joined another club and wish to come back to Don Mills, let me know which club and I can hopefully get you back a refund if that’s the case. We, as local presidents, understand the scenario, and they would refund me/you, as I was part of the lobby group getting this insurance issue overturned that is actually helping their club. If you’re happy to remain with that new club, that’s ok too. I had no foresight that we would win the insurance case so quickly. That news only happened last Friday after my pressure date to return the Permit.

Drop us a line if you joined another club or were on the verge of. I hope I’ve caught you in time. I’ve been on calls all these days, so busy. Now I have to reapply for the permit again…ouf! so much work.

But we will play at Don Mills very, very soon!

Angela Kooij, President
and the Don Mills Tennis Club Executive