Hello Don Mills members:

We’re happy to announce that we have shiny new courts ready for you! Our resurfacing project went extremely well and we’re ahead of schedule. So much so that we’re ready to open on Mon June 29 th instead of the promised July 1 st . Our new online booking tool is ready too.

This year will be like no other. Due to COVID-19 and City of Toronto guidelines that have to be respected, many changes have been implemented. For your safety, for the safety of all club members, and for our community, it is vital that we practice all safety measures. We know that these restrictions will sometimes feel onerous, but they are necessary. We hope that these measures may be relaxed over time.

You  MUST  familiarize yourself with the new requirements so that you can come to the courts prepared to play.

In order to play, EVERY member must sign a waiver. This step has been captured via the online registration process. If you haven’t registered yet, please go to http://www.donmillstennisclub.com and hit the  Become A Member  tab right off the home page to apply. Members are also expected to sign a Pre-Play form, which has been captured as a step when you book your court. Once you have registered and paid, you will get a Welcome Letter to the online booking platform with instructions. The booking system is very easy to use and gives confirmations of your bookings, allows cancellations etc. If you have any difficulty, it’s probably because you haven’t paid your fee yet! If further problems, contact Wayne Snell at waynesnell56@gmail.com.

Some simple rules
1. Do not come to play unless you have PRE BOOKED a court. New on-line booking in effect. No walk ons.

2. Line up 5 minutes before your court time, OUTSIDE the main gates.

3. A court monitor will unlock the gates.

4. Use hand sanitizer inside the gates and go directly to your court.

5. Enjoy your game

Please bring your own PPE. Hand sanitizers will be available, and the lock and gate will be wiped down frequently.

Club hours will be 9am- 1pm; 5 to 9:00pm Mon to Fri; Sat and Sun is 10am-4pm. Hours may change upon need. (Public hours are Sat & Sun 4-7pm, no online booking then, and Public court ½ hour rules prevail).

Court bookings are now ON THE HOUR. Please allow 55 minutes for play and 5 minutes to allow for a smooth changeover.

6. At the :55, gather your things/balls and leave quickly through the gate on COURT FOUR. Remember to social distance and close this gate with your shoulder or foot.

7. Pick up all used balls, plastic bottles and take ALL your belongings with you. There will be no garbage cans, except for the large city bins, at the entrance gates.

No guests are permitted at this time.
Singles only. No doubles at this time. If you contravene this rule, you can lose us our Permit.
Each player is required to bring their own tennis balls. (Mark them at home).
Do not share your equipment. Do not handle anything that is not yours.
Avoid touching fences, net posts, the net tape, benches etc. If you like, you could bring your own folding chair.
When changing courts, pass on opposite sides of the net.

The clubhouse and washrooms are off limits to members. Coaches and monitors ONLY may access the clubhouse and washroom.

No congregating before, during or after your game.
Bring a full water bottle. Water will not be available at the club.
All members are expected to comply with the new guidelines for COVID-19.
We are all eager to get back out there and hit the ball!
Let’s do so responsibly and safely.

Don Mills Executve