Hello Don Mills members:

Just a week into operations and we’re already bringing you customized programming – The Covid Cup!

A Division, B Division, 70+ Division , Ladies

A, B and 70+Divisions are Co-ed.

$20 entry fee ( All proceeds go to the club and prizes )
A poll will be taken of the players to determine prizes.

An abbreviated 2 week registration period begins now, so please register with your Tournament Director ASAP.


We need a minimum of 8 players per division to proceed.

We suggest that you try to play 2 matches per week, but it is not mandatory.

If you do enter, please be serious about completing all your matches win or lose.

If 1 or both players are worried about Covid, 2 cans of balls must be marked and used. Otherwise as usual, both players bring a can of New Balls ( Please do not be cheap and show up with used balls ), be respectful to your opponents.

Since we have a 1 hour booking policy, a brief 10 minute warm up is mandatory Still a pro set, but to 8 , as usual points will be given for points won, but the bonus will be 4 points for winning the match, the 90 second change over will still be in effect. If neither player wins, obviously the player with the most games shall be declared the winner. Watches or phones are to be synchronized at the beginning of the match, in the case of a very close match that is tied at :45 minutes after the hour, a tie breaker must be played , if the time runs out before the the breaker can be completed, the player with the higher point total shall be declared the winner, whew !!!.

Of course you need to have Don Mills membership. So join up already.

Nigel McClean , Tournament Director