Hello Don Mills members:

We’re excited to announce that finally, we’re allowed to play doubles at Don Mills!

Effective immediately, you will be able to book doubles as well as singles play on the online booking system. For doubles, you will be able to book 2 hours back to back. We also made improvements to a rolling week system, so you always get 4 hours booking time every seven days.

Despite doubles being allowed, we are still cautioned from crowd gathering due to Covid, so please continue to maintain appropriate distances when coming and leaving your court. Sadly, our popular programs like House League and Kaffeklatsch are not able to be offered for this same reason. Coach Pavel will be able to open up more doubles programming now.

If you haven’t registered for membership as you were waiting for this ‘Doubles Allowed’ news, please go to www.donmillstennisclub.com to Renew your membership. We’d love to see you back on the lovely new courts. It will take a few hours to get you authorized on the booking system once you’ve paid.

The club is running smoothly and thank you to all the current members for doing their share to help make the club work well. There is ample playing time and the reservation system is working very well. Think of where we were a few months ago where we weren’t even allowed onto a court!

Within 18 days of operation, we’ve even had our first Singles drop-in session last week to the great fun and satisfaction of the participants. New friends were made and hitting partners found. Also, the Don Mills Annual Round Robin competition [Singles of course!] is off the ground with 2xA Divisions, and 2xB Divisions. Let the games begin!

See you on the courts!

Don Mills Executive